Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mawardi Home-Stay In Pictures

Beautiful Evening Sunshine
In front of the Home-stay. A wonderful view with the sun going down for the day's end.

The front view of the home-stay.

The Living Room
Looking out the front door front the living room. Patrons can watch TV to while away their time as they rest in between programmes in their itinerary.

The Master Bedroom
Very comfortable queen-sized "spine friendly" mattress for a good night's sleep that the weary travelers deserve.

The Living Room
A view from the front door. There is a pleasant ambiance. The spaciousness of the living area belies its medium size. Sit on the sofa and relax after a long-day journey. The walls are clean and beautiful with fresh paint.

The Middle Bedroom
The beds and mattresses are brand new. Notice the newly painted walls in a pleasant hue of a shade of white, almost beige.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is equipped with the essentials such as a refrigerator, cupboard for cutlery and plates (also bowls, mugs, etc.) A stove is made available on request.

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